Are you experiencing a disconnect from your partner lately? Are you frustrated with your relationship but do not know how to fix the problems? Has your life become so busy that you need some extra help with the responsibilities of parenting? If you answer yes to any of these questions or feel that other areas of concern are disrupting your relationship, seek out professional services with Calgary Couples Counseling.

What are the Success Rates of Couples Counseling?

Studies and statistics speak to the success rates of couples counseling. Having an opportunity to talk and the feeling of “being heard” affords couples as individuals and as a whole the chance to work through their problems together. They feel a sense of satisfaction throughout the counseling process.

Attending couples counseling together may lessen the amount of time spent in counseling services as you both get to tackle your issues together with your counselor in real-time versus having individual sessions. Any problems discussed are right there for both partners to hear, consider, and work through without waiting for a subsequent session.

Online Counseling Services

When you envision entering into couples counseling with your partner, you likely see it as an in-person endeavour. Gone are the days where you have to leave your residence for such needs. Calgary Couples Counseling offers online sessions that are just as effective as meeting in their offices.

Online counseling affords you many benefits such as greater privacy, a lack of commute, and the simple comfort and familiarity of your own home. Counseling in an online capacity still offers the recipients the ability to utilize essential modes of communication, such as body language, gesturing, facial expressions, and tones of voice.

Preventative Services

The success rate of couples counseling services also speaks to the importance of checking in with your counselor. Consider this: you do not schedule a wellness check with your medical provider once and then opt not to return because you already had the exam. This holds true for counseling services, as well.

After receiving couples counseling, an essential part of your relationship toolkit is the follow-up appointment or routine ongoing sessions that contribute to the success rate of couples counseling. You can schedule it months in advance for an in-person session or an online counseling session. These sessions can be individual, joint, or both depending upon your needs and your counselor’s guidance.

Follow-up counseling sessions are opportunities to reaffirm your relationship intentions and commitment. These sessions are a chance to discuss new techniques and skills that you can use so that the old ways of communicating with your partner are not so easily at the forefront of your mind when issues arise. Additionally, this will be the time to discuss any new problems in your relationship that are causing stress and how to positively handle them.

Make an appointment today. Give yourself and your partner the time and respect to work through your areas of concern. Couples counseling will help you remember why you connected and fell in love in the first place. Get to know each other again with the expert guidance from Calgary Couples Counseling for a brighter future.