Pre-Marriage Counselling

Marriage can be difficult to navigate. The current divorce rate is 50%. This statistic tells us that marriage is difficult, and one out of two marriages do not survive. We at the Counselling Institute want your marriage not just to survive but thrive. In order to do so it is important to talk about difficult subject matters prior to taking the big leap into marriage. This is where we come in.

The Counselling Institute has an 8 week pre-marriage counselling program. This program is based on current research from the most renowned couple’s counsellor John Gottman. He can predict with a 94% accuracy whether a marriage will survive or not. We have taken his research and created a comprehensive program with all the areas where couples in marriage struggle.

This program will help set you and your partner up for a richer and satisfying marriage. It will prepare you two for what difficulties could arise and how these need to be handled. Assessments are completed in the first and second session so that the pre-marriage program can be more tailored to your specific relationship.

The 8 week program consists of the following area:

  • Assessment and understanding of the relationship history
  • Assessment of family of origin and potential impact on marriage
  • Communication & boundary setting
  • Beliefs, Values, Goals & Priorities
  • Roles & expectations in a relationship and family
  • Finances
  • Sex & intimacy
  • Children

This is such an exciting time in your life. We want this excitement to continue into your married life. Allow us to support you during this exciting and pivotal time in your relationship journey.                                                             

Please call our office manager to inquire about how you can start this program and prepare your marriage for the best possible outcome!

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