Christian Counselling in Edmonton

Christian Counselling in Edmonton

Seeking professional help for medical concerns is equally crucial as seeking professional therapy for mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns that affect your daily living. Even the Bible encourages people to share life’s burdens, seek wise counsel, and support one another.

Christian Counsellors Offering Edmonton Clients Faith-Based Therapy

The Edmonton Institute of Counselling offers warm, caring, and Christian counselling to help Edmonton residents navigate through life’s challenges and move toward healing. We understand that some clients prefer to meet with a professional therapist who shares the same religious faith perspective as them. 

Our Christian counselling services allow us to provide you with the therapy that clearly defines your spiritual needs.

Religious Counselling You Can Depend

Although we offer online Christian counselling, the Edmonton Institute of Counselling also provides a safe and comfortable face-to-face space where you can speak freely about your faith and life’s struggles that may have led to feelings of guilt, shame, or judgment with our Christian therapist. We provide each of our clients with a unique experience. From the moment you walk through our door, our staff will receive you with genuine kindness, care, and compassion. 

In Christian counselling, we will not only help you look into the emotional and mental aspects of your life but our faith-based counsellors will also guide you in exploring the spiritual side. Having a clear spiritual perspective helps you manage certain aspects of your life, address the causes of various problems, and experience more healing. 

Seeking Christian counselling does not get rid of your other life’s goal. Instead, we include spiritual steps to help you reach all your goals in life and in spirit.

Why You Should Seek Christian Counselling in Edmonton

If you ever wondered why is Christian counselling important, there are plenty of benefits. Christian counselling brings unique benefits of holistically addressing various issues based on the body, mind, and spirit. Christian counsellors acknowledge you as a creation of a caring, loving, and healing God. 

Christian counselling is not only for people who are struggling — it also benefits individuals who want to grow their faith. It also helps you understand your present challenges through a Christian lens. We use methods that are personalized to address your needs and deepest struggles, and they may include the use of Scriptures, theology, spiritual directions and prayer in each session. 

Our counsellors will thoroughly assess and treat mental health issues using faith-based and psychological approaches to help you effectively address, cope, and resolve challenges in your life. This will enable you to identify behaviours that impact your relationships with people important to you. 

 Here are some of the benefits of Christian counselling:

  • Recognize a Higher Authority

While most mental health therapists depend on the latest trends in psychology, Christian counsellors apply religious principles to help people navigate through life’s difficulties.

  • Accept Absolute Truth

Instead of encouraging clients to follow their hearts and do what they think is right, Christian counsellors encourage you to apply the guiding principles and truths of God’s Word. 

  • Offers Real Healing

In addition to addressing deep emotional and spiritual healing, Christian counselling also helps you become closer to God, where genuine healing takes place. 

  •  Offers Real Hope

Christian counselling helps you gain an eternal perspective where you will find hope for a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Setting Up an Appointment

If you are facing challenges in your marriage, family life, or life in general, the Edmonton Institute of Counselling will be with you on your journey of healing. Give us a call at 780-670-8843 for a free 20-minute consultation with one of our Christian counsellors. Our doors are open from Monday to Friday for in-person consultations.

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