Marriage Counselling Edmonton

Marriage can be the most beautiful thing to ever happen to 2 people who are deeply in love, but it often takes plenty of work. 

Among the most common marital challenges include busy work schedules, raising your children, and preserving romance, intimacy, and connection. It is crucial to understand that a marriage does not just grow and marital problems do not resolve on their own. It needs spouses to work out the challenges and make it a priority to connect and create quality alone time.

This is where marriage counselling for Edmonton couples comes into the picture.

Marriage Counselling: Does It Work?

Every marriage has its own unique challenges. Marriage therapists can help get your marriage back on track. 

Marriage counselling provides solutions to couples who are looking to mend and heal their relationship and overcome marital struggles and frustrations that have been bottling up over the months or years. 

A marriage therapist will help you and your spouse navigate present challenges in the relationship and help you rediscover healthy and productive methods of communication, helping your relationship flourish.

Edmonton Marriage Counselling: Healing Your Marriage

At the Edmonton Institute of Counselling, blame has no place in our marriage counselling — we only focus on healing marriages. We work to help spouses understand each other and embrace new coping and communication strategies to ensure that each spouse hears the other and safely discusses sensitive issues. 

Our team of psychologists and therapists has helped couples build a stronger foundation for their relationships, make significant positive changes, and rekindle their connection. The Edmonton Institute of Counselling provides our clients with a safe and non-judgmental space where they can work out their differences and build empathy to understand each other better.
From our observations during the session, we also provide our clients with valuable insights that may have caused their partner’s behaviour. This will help you understand their reactions and improve the dynamics of your relationships, allowing you to view your marriage from a new perspective and regain physical and emotional intimacy. 

Seeking marriage counselling often works best in the early conflict stages. However, it is never too late to start healing your marriage. 

Seeking Marriage Counselling Therapy in Edmonton

When you are searching for trusted “marriage counsellors near me,” look no further than the Edmonton Institute of Counselling. We ensure that the therapist who will handle you and your partner has both experience and credentials required to successfully guide you through the counselling sessions. Our marriage counsellors are flexible enough to provide you with a personalized therapy approach to address unique marital issues and your needs. 

We will explore further to help you discover strengths and provide resources that will help you improve your communication skills so you can deal with the problems you and your spouse are facing. We will also identify various areas that need improvements. Together, we will work closely with you to help you understand the issues, whether it be trust issues, infidelity, communication challenges, or intimacy issues. By identifying unique dynamics and patterns, we will help you develop new and healthy habits. We also use proven counselling techniques and tools to teach you proper skills that will help restore a healthy, happy, and long-lasting partnership.

Our marriage counselling in Edmonton has positive reviews. That is why our clients trust us. Booking a therapy counselling session with us enables you to see and experience what the Edmonton Institute of Counselling has to offer. Simply fill out our online contact form to arrange a consultation with us, or give us a call at (780) 670-8843 for a free 20-minute consultation with our marriage therapist. You can also visit us from Monday to Friday.

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