Anger Management Edmonton


Anger Management Program: Helping You Manage Anger Better

At the Edmonton Institute of counselling, we work with a variety of clients that are mandated to enroll in an Edmonton anger management program. We offer a program that is specifically tailored to individuals that have this need.

Our Edmonton anger management program is an 8-week individual counselling program designed to help you better understand your anger and its triggers.

The program consists of:

  • Tools and strategies to decrease and regulate anger
  • Understanding where triggers come from and what to do with these triggers
  • Misconceptions about anger
  • Understanding anger and its purpose
  • How to express anger in a healthy manner
  • Understanding where your anger is really coming from
  • Certificate of Completion

Edmonton Anger Management: Controlling Anger Before It Controls You

Do not let anger weigh you down. While it is a natural human reaction to situations that are unjust and unfair, anger becomes unhealthy when it is expressed through destructive behaviour. When left unchecked, anger can destroy relationships, job security, and physical and mental well-being. 

The good news is, there are mental health professionals who can guide you on how to deal with anger issues in a healthy way. Anger management is a learned skill that enables you to cope with and control frustrations and other unpleasant feelings that can trigger anger. 

Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in using various techniques and treatments for anger issues to identify the source and understand your emotions better helping you regulate and express your feelings.

How a Mental Health Professional Can Help

It is impossible to change past events that may have contributed to your anger management issue. The Edmonton Institute of Counselling is here to help you understand and deal with your emotions and address the challenges you are facing in the present. 

Anger management counselling in Edmonton will help you cope with anger-provoking situations and manage interpersonal conflict using different tools and strategies. We understand that the burden of anger is too heavy to carry. Together, we will work to make positive and lasting changes in your life.

Anger Management Counselling: Let Us Help You Tame Your Temper

We understand that being court-mandated for counselling can be a frustrating experience. We want to help you and journey with you during this time to make it as easy and smooth as possible. All our counsellors have specific training on how to work with mandated clients and provide them with what the courts are looking for. Allow us to support you during this difficult time. Please speak to our Office Manager about how you can start this program and exactly what your counselling needs are. We look forward to working with you soon.

Your journey toward healing starts with your first session with us. Give us a call today at 780-670-8843 for a no-obligation 20-minute consultation or book an online anger management counselling with us. We also welcome clients from Monday to Friday.

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