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Sometimes in a relationship, we don’t feel emotionally safe anymore. We grow apart. We stop communicating effectively. We struggle with intimacy. Maybe this is what’s happening in your relationship. We want to help restore that emotional safety, increase communication, and bring you two closer.

Getting Started With Edmonton Couples Counselling Therapy in Edmonton

Relationships can sometimes go through rough patches. You and your partner can encounter problems at different stages of your relationship, and it is completely normal. It is how well you handle relationship issues that matter the most.

The Edmonton Institute of Counselling offers couples counselling to Edmonton clients to help them rebuild a more satisfying, respectful, supportive, loving, and intimate relationship. Our trusted therapist offers counselling to couples in relationships to help them explore challenging interactions and improve the communication skills required for a change. 

Our relationship coaching enables couples to discover ways to strengthen and reshape their relationship into something that feels closer and more comforting.

Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Counselling

Conflict is normal in relationships. However, unresolved conflict can result in communications and intimacy issues, throwing your relationship off track. When this happens, you may wonder, “Does couples counselling work?”

At the Edmonton Institute of Counselling, we utilize 2 proven-effective techniques and tools that improve communication, interaction styles, intimacy issues, and emotional blocks to restore closeness, trust, happiness, and satisfaction in couples. 

  • Gottman Counselling – The goal of the Gottman Method is to encourage couples to create love maps to enable them to uncover and understand each other’s worries, stress, joys, hopes, and history. It uses expressions of appreciation and respect to strengthen admiration and love. This couple therapy approach leans toward conflict management rather than conflict resolution.
  • Emotion-Focused Counselling – This couples therapy approach leverage the inherent power of emotions and potent motivations to allow relationships to develop and grow positively. Emotion-Focused Counselling is designed to disarm distress, conflict, and poor communication to establish a more secure and connected relationship.

Benefits of Couple Counselling in Edmonton

  • Improve communication skills between couples
  • Discover the root causes of the conflict
  • Help couples understand each other better
  • Promote better acceptance of one another
  • Provide an opportunity to boost shared support
  • Restore emotional and physical intimacy between couples
  • Minimize emotional detachment
  • Restore emotional strength and establish resilience in the relationship
  • Regain lost trust between a couple
  • Provide a safe and secure environment and opportunity to heal

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